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You can't help but have fun while flying!


Modern and well maintained aircraft with great safety records.


Economical, fuel efficient aircraft make earning your pilot certificate more affordable than ever.

Welcome to GT Aviation

We are located at Potomac Airfield in Friendly, MD and Maryland Airport in Bryans Road, MD each just a short drive from downtown Washington, DC.  Whether you are contemplating learning to fly, or are an existing pilot looking for a new rating, BFR, or IPC, we are the flight training school for you.  Give us a call or better yet stop by the airport and take a look around.  Your new adventure is waiting!


You've always wanted to learn to fly, now do it!


Are you ready to have fun? You have made the exciting decision to become a Private Pilot. We have provided this checklist below to walk you through the process of getting started after your Introductory Flight.


  1. Decide which training program is for you. How often you fly not only determines how quickly you get your license, but saves you money as well in time not spent relearning things between lessons.
    _____ Monthly plan ______ Hourly rate
  2. Visit an Aviation Medical Examiner to get your 3rd Class Medical Certificate and Student Pilot Certificate. Use the database on AOPA’s website to find one near you.  
  3. Apply for your Flight Restricted Zone security clearance. This is a Federal requirement for all pilots operating from Potomac Airfield. You can apply online here.
  4. Apply for your Fuel Club card. All students are required to provide their own fuel. The club here at Potomac Airfield offers fuel at cost. You can apply for your card on the same website in #3 when you apply for your PIN.
  5. Set up your Renter’s Insurance. As a rental pilot you are required to carry a Renter’s policy with at least $50,000 in hull coverage. We have partnered with Avemco Insurance to offer competitive rates. You can apply online at Avemco's website  You can choose any insurance company you like, however you must provide proof of insurance within the first two weeks of joining.
  6. Provide proof of US Citizenship. This is a Federal requirement that all new students must comply with. You can provide a valid/current US Passport or, both a current Driver’s License and Birth Certificate.
  7. Books and Materials. A Private Pilot materials kit is available from GT Aviation for $229.00. This kit contains all books, charts, and tools needed throughout the course of instruction. You save approximately $20 plus shipping versus buying the materials yourself.

We also highly recommend you get the free 6 months subscription to AOPA’s Flight Training Magazine. You can apply online here.

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Aircraft Rates

Cessna 172M              $85/hr
Cessna 172P              $85/hr
Cessna 172SP             $105/hr
Diamond DA-40          $125/hr
Piper Arrow II            $125/hr
Piper Twin Comanche  $175/hr

Simulator Rates
Redbird LD AATD    $50/hr 


All GT Aviation rates are "dry."  Students are responsible for their own fuel.  Potomac Airfield runs a great fuel club that offers discounted fuel at cost for only $18 per month.  We will help you get your fuel card account set up with the airport manager or you can apply at http://www.potomac-airfield.com.



All flight and ground instruction is $55 per hour.  GT Aviation CFIs are professional, fun, and can't wait to help you attain your flying goals.



Learning to Fly or Time Building?

Join our monthly "club" plan!  $325 per month allows your use of our Cessna 172P aircraft once per week (average).   This saves you hundreds of dollars per month over paying an hourly rate.  In our club plan you get:

  • $325/mo for up to five hours of flight time.
  • All additional hours over five are billed at the regular rate of $85/hr.
  • Club plan is a 4 month contract and the hours are "use or lose" .  Think of it as a gym membership -- you are getting a great price break but it's still up to you to come out, fly, and put your hours in.
  • We do not roll unused hours due to weather or you simply not coming out to the airport to fly.
  • At the end of the first 4 months the contract rolls to a month to month renewal.
  • 60 days notice early termination required.

Existing Pilots

Are you an existing pilot looking to earn your next rating? An aircraft owner contemplating renting versus continued ownership? Looking for an aircraft you can use for the occasional overnight or multi-day trip?  GT Aviation has the answer for you.

Piper Arrow
Need complex time for your commercial or CFI rating? Use our Garmin 430 equipped Arrow at 130 ktas while using only 10 gph.

Diamond DA-40
Looking for glass? Look no further! Our G1000 equipped DA-40 is a modern, comfortable, and efficient way to fly. Cruise at 135 ktas while the KAP140 autopilot with altitude hold helps you manage the workload. The DA-40 is available at $125/hr.



The number one reason students don't finish their flight training is lack of funds.  We have partnered with Pilotfinance.com to offer financing solutions for all of your flight training needs.  Don't let lack of funding slow your training tempo or prevent you from reaching your flying goals!  Inquire today. 

GT Aviation is looking for CFIs in the DC/MD/VA area. We are located at Potomac Airfield in Friendly, MD (KVKX).

We offer primary instruction in the Cessna 172 or Diamond DA-40, and have a Piper Arrow for IFR, Commercial, and Complex. We offer competitive pay and a professional yet fun environment. VKX is inside the Flight Restricted Zone so all CFIs must complete the security procedures for authorization to operate from the airport.

We promise, it's not as painful as it sounds! Anyone interested can reach us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

GT Aviation is looking for licensed A&P mechanics to assist our Director of Maintenance with our scheduled maintenance of our fleet.  Please contact  us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if interested.

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  1. Welcome to GT Aviation!

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Potomac Airfield
10300 Glen Way
Ft. Washington, MD 20744
Fax: 888.966.0287

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Maryland Airport
3900 Livingston Road
Indian Head, MD 20640
Fax: 888.966.0287
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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